It's September!  Time to begin a new cycle in your life as a catechist!  What can you do to prepare?  First, you can pray: for guidance, for wisdom, for patience, and for those you will soon be teaching.  Second, plan: read, study your text and manual, look for support resources, and seek advice from other catechists and the Religious Education Office.

Third, you can take an honest look at who you are, and what your role really is.  You are a human being with gifts and talents, but you also have faults and limitations.  You can only do so much.  Your task as catechist is to proclaim the gospel to the best of your abilities so that others may come to believe in Jesus and his message.  Remember, you are the proclaimer, you are not the faith-giver.

Faith is a free gift from God that is offered through you to those you teach, but you are not the giver.  Those you teach must respond to this gift themselves.  Whether you are a seasoned catechist or just beginning your journey as a catechist, you plant the seeds and your learners will grow in God's good time.

Have a wonderful year!