We tend to have a somewhat romantic notion of being a catechist.  We picture ourselves speaking eloquently as participants interact joyfully and enthusiastically with us and with one another.  And then, of course, there is reality.  In catechesis, we encounter a number of rough edges - especially with children and adolescents.  Left unchecked, discipline problems can cause some pain.  A good catechist learns how to smooth out discipline problems.  Maintaining discipline in the catechetical setting allows the beauty of the participants and the power of God's word to show through.

One of the ways to avoid discipline issues is to have the children read, discuss and sign a Classroom Covenant (link below).  It can be adapted to all age levels.  Is this a full-proof way to avoid discipline problems?  Probably not, but it will be a reference for you and the children/youth to know what is expected from them during religious ed time.

Classroom Covenant