As Catholic parents, we know that the soul is the only part of our child that will live forever but sometimes we put off nurturing it in favor of more immediate priorities.  Yet, it's important to build good spiritual habits while children are young, so they are ingrained into adulthood.  Consider these ideas for raising a strong, healthy soul in your child's body:

Feed the soul like you would the body.

Spiritual nourishment comes from attending Mass every weekend, receiving the Sacraments, and daily prayer.  Encourage prayer as a family, too.

Educate the soul.

Denying a child a proper academic education is unthinkable, so make sure to provide ample opportunities to learn about our faith through religious education programs.  Whether your child is in Catholic school or the parish school of religion, give religion homework the same priority as any other essential subject.  Periodically review the homework, check on progress, and don't let her miss a single class.

Show by example.

When we teach our child to ride a bike or tie a shoe, we do so by demonstrating how.  Make sure to also show your child ways to live the faith.  Discuss what you do to keep your own soul healthy and strong.

Daily exercise is key.

One only gets better with practice.  Make sure your child practices his faith every day.  Prayer and service to others are two every day habits that start in childhood.