Studies show that the best way for parents to be sure their children will remain faithful Catholics when they grow up is to take them to Mass every weekend.  That's how children learn that Jesus is there for them now and always.  If you have trouble getting your family to Mass every weekend, consider this:

"Weekends are a busy time for our family."

Schedule Mass on the calendar the way you would an important soccer game or dance performance.  There are many different Mass times at different parishes, including Saturday vigils and Sunday nights.  Think of Mass the way you do a favorite television show and schedule it in.

"My children have religious education class.  That's enough."

Giving children a firm grounding the the faith is very important but without taking them to Mass every Sunday, it's like serving them a steak dinner that's missing the steak.  Jesus is present in the flesh every Sunday at your church.  Don't miss the chance to bring your children there, too.