Eighth Graders are experiencing rapid and profound physical, emotional and intellectual growth.  While peers are a very strong influence at this age, adults continue to be important in the lives of young teens. This is particularly true when they are troubled, fearful or unsure of situations in which they find themselves. Because Eighth Graders are more able to think abstractly than in previous years, they now have the capacity for critical reflection on their faith experiences. Faith tradition and moral guidance of the Church offer this age group structure and security they need during this turbulent time.

Growing as Catholics

It is important that this age group be given the opportunity to discover their own unique gifts and the personhood given them by God. The traditions and beliefs of the Catholic Church can be an anchor in a world that is otherwise changing at a frightening pace.

There are five eighth grade sessions each covering a different topic. Because of the limited class time, homework is assigned between sessions. Successful completion of all the work and attendance at all the meetings is required for Confirmation.

Home instruction is not an option in the Eighth Grade.


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