All youth preparing to receive Confirmation are to seriously consider the importance of a good Catholic role model in their lives, and the support that person can be and should be to them in their continuing faith formation.   Selection of a Confirmation sponsor must meet the following guidelines:

  • Select a sponsor and submit a Sponsor Form
    • Requirements for a sponsor – must be 16 years of age/must be a confirmed practicing Catholic/cannot be a parent/good role model.  Once a sponsor is chosen, a Sponsor Form must be submitted to the Religious Education Office (see link below).
  • If the sponsor is NOT a member of St. Michael Parish, then the sponsor must submit to the Religious Education Office a letter of good standing from the parish from which they belong (see link below Sponsor Requirement Form).  In other words, the sponsor or the sponsor’s family must be registered at a parish.


Sponsor Form

Sponsor Requirement Form