Family Faith Formation moves away from the school year model to family formation where children in grades 1-6 attend gatherings with a parent 6 times during the year (once monthly on Sunday).

Each gathering will provide interactive child friendly formation sessions and instruction for parents about the unit to be worked on at home. Parents will be given an at-home study guide to assist in the catechesis of their children. The at-home materials also have in internet component of child friendly games which reinforce each chapter's focus.

One parent and child(ren) attend a gathering of families for one hour fifteen minutes. Click on the link below to view the calendar.

There is a parent meeting (parent only please) scheduled for September 18, 10AM in the school auditorium to acquaint parents with the program.

Because the gatherings occur 6 times during the year, it is imperative that parent and child attend all scheduled gatherings. More than 1 absence may hinder participation in the program. Arrangements are made for prolonged illness or other difficulties (not sports related).

Family Faith Formation 2016-17 Calendar  Grade 1 only