Do I need to be confirmed to be married in the Catholic Church?

No, Church law states that not being confirmed cannot prevent a Catholic from being married in the Church. Not being confirmed will not keep you out of heaven, either.

Why do I need a sponsor for Confirmation?

Just as you had sponsors (Godparents) at your baptism, you are required to choose a person to sponsor your Confirmation. Your sponsor is the witness who stands with you at your actual Confirmation. But even more importantly, a sponsor is a person who shares their faith with you because he/she is a person of faith. A good sponsor makes you feel comfortable sharing your faith with him/her. Their advice and guidance help you grow in your faith.

Why can't my parent be my sponsor?

Your parents have given you faith since you were born. They have been, are, and will always be your sponsor in faith. Confirmation gives you the opportunity to have another person who's special to you sponsor your faith.

When does St. Michael celebrate Confirmation?

Traditionally the Parish requests that Confirmation occur in November on the weekend before Thanksgiving. However, we cannot confirm an actual date until we receive approval from the Archdiocese. Once an official date has been approved you will be notified.

What if I need to change the date?

If the Confirmation date does not suit your schedule, it may become necessary to be confirmed in another parish.

What is appropriate dress for my child?

All Confirmandi wear robes. Underneath the robes the Confirmandi should be dressed appropriately for pictures with the Bishop. The boys should wear a collared shirt and tie, dress pants and dress shoes. The girls should wear nice pants, skirt, or dress and dress shoes.  All Confirmandi wear name tags on their robes. The robes are distributed at rehearsal.  Please remember that all dress needs to be Church appropriate.

My child's sponsor can't attend rehearsal. What should I do?

A parent or other adult may stand in for the sponsor at rehearsal.

My child cannot make the rehearsal. What do I do?

Please make every effort to attend the rehearsal. It is one hour and attendance will ensure that your child knows what is going to happen on the day he or she is confirmed. If, due to an emergency, neither you, your child nor your child's sponsor can make the rehearsal, please call the Religious Education Office.

How many members of my family can attend?

The Confirmandi and sponsors sit in the front pews of the Church. In order to treat every candidate's family members fairly, we limit seating to 2 tickets per candidate. Two tickets are reserved for Parent seating (in the pews directly behind the Confirmandi).  Other family members and friends are welcome to sit behind the reserved pews.