Dear First Eucharist Families,

On the day you had your child baptized you took the first step to having him or her initiated into the Body of Christ - the Universal Church. Soon you will bring your child to First Communion, another step towards completing full initiation into the life of this faith community.

On this wonderful day of First Communion the Eucharist removes all distinctions and barriers. We come together, not as a school family, not as a religious education family, but as a parish family - as the Body of Christ. The message is clear: your child is now welcome to join in what the parish community does every Sunday - feast at the Table of the Lord.

Below you will find the dates and times for the 2018 First Eucharist celebrations.  All Communions are on Saturdays. More information will be provided in the November/December time-frame.

We share in your family's joy and excitement as your child prepares for First Holy Communion. May God bless you.

First Holy Communion Celebrations 2018  

April 28      11AM and 1:30PM

May 5         11AM and 1:30PM