What is the difference between First Communion, First Holy Communion and First Eucharist?
There is no difference!

When can my child receive First Eucharist?

The sacrament is received after the child has satisfactorily completed two years of religious education.

What preparation is there for First Eucharist?

A full explanation of our program is provided on the Second Grade Overview.

When does First Eucharist occur?

The sacrament of First Eucharist is given to eligible second graders during the Easter Season. All First Eucharist Masses are held on Saturday mornings and afternoons.

When will I know which Mass my child will be assigned?

Students usually receive with their class. The dates and times assigned to each class will be available after the reception of Reconciliation.

What if I need to change the date?

In order to keep the numbers balanced and not overwhelm any single Mass, we ask the families please try to work with the assigned dates. If the family is not available for the assigned date, we can move the child to another Mass if room is available.  Parents must be in touch with the Religious Education office to make these changes.

What is appropriate dress for my child?

For boys, dark suits or sports coats are traditional. For girls the tradition is a white dress. Veil sand headpieces are optional. The children may not carry anything in their hands (flowers, prayer books, rosary beads), nor should they wear gloves.

Where will my child be sitting?

First Communicants have assigned seating with their parents in reserved pews. Additional family members and friends can sit behind the reserved pews.