As children approach the sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time, they are in the early stages of their faith development. Family members are privileged to journey with their children as they prepare for the celebration of this sacrament.

Parents are involved in sacrament preparation because the Church views the parent's role in the religious formation of their children as both a privilege and an obligation. When a child is presented to the Church for Baptism, parents are reminded that they have the responsibility "of training [the child] in the practice of the faith." (Rite of Baptism of Children 77). This parental obligation and privilege extends to preparation for sacraments.

It is important to remember that it has been within the family that children have first come to faith, where they experience love and forgiveness. It is within the family that children will continue to live out faith and witness the daily example of Catholic believers.

The at-home text, Making Things Right (Our Sunday Visitor), is designed to help children prepare for their first experience of God's love and mercy. It guides the family in helping the child come to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the sacrament and its place in their lives. The text meets children in their world, builds on their experiences, and helps them come to a better understanding of themselves, their relationship with a loving God and others by following the example of Jesus. Sin and its effects are discussed with sensitivity, and the children are led step-by-step through the reconciliation process.