Knowing your Fourth Grader

Nine and ten year-olds are emerging into a new level of independence. They are often self-motivated and independent and enjoy being given responsibility although they still require guidance and direction to keep on track. Fourth graders will also experience times of self-doubt and timidity, requiring an encouraging and nuturing response from the adults in their lives.

Growth as Catholics

Being a member of a group or community is important to fourth graders. They enjoy volunteering and feel a sense of accomplishment after a deed is completed. Their increased knowledge of communal prayers makes it possible for them to participate more fully in liturgical celebrations.

Their religious growth includes:

  • Heightened sense of right and wrong based on fairness
  • Beginning to be able to understand and apply the message in a story
  • Enjoys retelling and acting out stories from the Bible
  • Strives to incorporate good works into daily living
  • Enjoys taking part in ritual actions and liturgical celebrations


Classes for fourth graders are offered during the school year, during summer months (see web page entitled Summer Religious Education) or parents  may choose to home instruct (see web page Home Instruction Religious Education).


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