Home instruction is offered to children in grades 3, 4 and 5.

The textbook used is Finding God: Our Response to God's Gifts, published by Loyola Press.  This text, with the help of parents, help children and families recognize the presence of God in all things.  The activities and prayer experiences within each chapter help children keep their hearts and minds open to discipleship as witnessed in the life of Jesus.

The home instruction program meets certain requirements in order to be considered complete.  They include:

  1. Setting up a prayer space in the home.
  2. With parent's help, children read the chapter and complete the required chapter activities.
  3. Children take the online Interactive Session Review for each chapter.
  4. Children attend Mass weekly, using children's weekly envelopes.
  5. Pray often as a family.
  6. Children attend a Lenten Reconciliation Service with a parent.
  7. Children attend a Family Stations of the Cross during Lent.


It is important that parents' assist children in completing the home instruction requirements.  Please DO NOT have your child complete the text and Interactive Session Reviews on their own.

If you wish your child to be home instructed, you indicate that on the registration form.  The Religious Education office prepares the text for the family.  Parents pick up the text and instructions from the Religious Education office.  Please note: children can be instructed at home for only two (2) years.

Home instructed families attend a meeting highlighting the particulars of the home instruction program.

Click on the appropriate link below for the schedule of lessons for the at home instruction program.

Grade 3 Home Instructed 2017-2018

Grade 4 Home Instructed 2017-2018

Grade 5 Home Instructed 2017-2018