Every aspect of our lives carries meaning.  Even our clothing – everything we wear – has meaning and sends a message to others.  That’s why the phrase has been coined “making a fashion statement.”  Although the formality of dress for Sunday Mass has declined in most communities, many adults are still familiar with wearing our Sunday Best to Church.  This could be seen as our choosing to “make a faith statement.”

When it comes to deciding how to clothe our children on the occasion of their First Holy Eucharist, we need to ask ourselves some important questions:

  •  What is the focus of the day – the clothing or the sacrament?
  •  What aspect of the clothing has meaning for our family – the style, the fabric, the color, the formality, the price?
  •  How will my child interpret the choice of this special clothing? What message does my child receive from the choices we make?
  •  How comfortable and age-appropriate is the clothing we have chosen for our child?
  •  Is this special day to be a celebration of our child or of our child’s participation in the Paschal Mystery of Christ?
  •  Is our family making a “fashion statement” or a “faith statement?”


St. Michael Parish Guidelines for First Eucharist Apparel

Boys                                                                                            Girls

Shirt and tie                                                                White, cream or ivory dress

Cardigan sweater or jacket or suit                          Veil/headpiece not required

No sneakers or jeans

Children should not be holding anything in their hands (rosaries, missals, bouquets, purses, etc.) during the entire Mass.  Gloves cannot be worn when receiving Communion.