First Eucharist is a wonderful and important event in every child’s life and a meaningful event for their families.  Here are some suggestions for making your child’s preparation for First Eucharist a family endeavor.

Involve as many family members as possible in the lessons and activities in the at-home preparation book “Called to His Supper”.  “Called to His Supper” books are due back to their catechist the week of March 15.

  •  Plan special prayer times for the child when members of the family can be present (before or after meals, Sundays, etc.)
  •  Light the child’s Baptismal Candle (or plain white candle) when the family gathers to pray for the child.
  •  Show the child pictures of his/her Baptism and tell stories about the Baptism day. Share stories, pictures, and articles of other family members’ baptisms.
  •  Family members can tell the child about their own First Eucharist and what it means in their life now. Include grandparents, godparents, etc.
  •  Arrive at Mass early and volunteer to bring up the gifts as a family.
  •  Remain after Mass one day and pray as a family before the Blessed Sacrament.
  •  Make a special calendar to count down the days until First Eucharist.
  •  Contact or visit the Parish Library at the Religious Education Office for books or videos that can enrich your child’s faith. We would be happy to help you.