In the hectic pace of a busy family, getting to Mass on Sunday can be a struggle. Between soccer games and scout meetings, dance lessons and play dates, going to Mass is one more activity competing for precious time.  Yet it is the most important thing you can do for your family all week.  Why?

Consider some of the ways your children benefit from weekly Mass.

Tradition and security.  How may things do you still do today that you've done since you were a small child?  No matter what other changes take place in their lives, the Mass is a constant to which your children can cling.

Children learn by repetition, through consistency and from example.  When Sunday Mass is part of their regular routine, children learn how to maintain the habit of weekly attendance.  Seeing the importance you place on the habit teaches them obedience and discipline.

Visiting the rest of the family.  When in church, our children are surrounded by the Body of Christ - people who care about and pray for them. Mass becomes an oasis in an increasingly hostile world.

The week starts with a God - centered focus.  Attending Mass at the beginning of the week helps children learn that God comes first on Sunday and every day.